SQL is yet another essential language for developers wishing to create data-driven websites. However, many developers are unfamiliar with various aspects of SQL; so in this article, we'll analyze ten essential tips.

1. Use The Right Language

Web developers often have a plethora of languages at their disposal. It is crucial for developers to use the proper language for the job.

Let's review the following code. In the first example, the developer is selecting all columns and all rows from the customer table. In the second example, the developer is selecting only the first name, last name and address from the customer table for a single customer with ID 1001. Not only does the second query limit the columns that are returned, it will also perform better.

SELECT * FROM customer;1SELECT firstName, lastName, shippingAddress FROM customer WHERE customerID = 1001;

2. Secure Your Code

Databases store valuable information. Because of this fact, databases are often prime targets for attack. Many developers are u